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Ever hear about social media? Branded Community®? Where people with common interests join together, exchange ideas and connections? A new idea, right? Maybe not. Back in 1994, we created FrankelBiz, Rob Frankel's Branded Community®, where highly ethical people do business, instead of whining about it. I'm Rob Frankel, your Moderating Dictator.

FrankelBiz started out as a Discussion List, long before the birth of social media. The list itself was closed in 2011, since so many other, larger and better-funded channels became available. We were happy to serve as a model all that time, but sometimes ideas outlive their usefulness.

You can still get updates if you follow Rob on Twitter, though, as @brandingexpert.

We still hold the Free Clinic, most Mondays at 8 AM Pacific Time and those archives are still available for your review at no charge (see below).

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As mentioned above, this is also the home of Frankels Free Clinic , where every Monday morning, Rob holds a one hour real time chat, answering questions at no charge to anyone who drops by. To attend, just click Free Clinics to the left. You don't have to register or anything!

And yes, it really is free. Well, mostly. There are some e-books and other services we sell here (if you wish to purchase anything at the FrankelBiz Store, you can do so WITHOUT subscribing to anything. You do have to register, though, so that the system can deliver whatever you order).

To take advantage of all there is here, all you have to do is register one time so we know what you do and don't want. It also lets the system remember you so that you don't have to type in the same stuff every time you use it. We don't sell, trade or lease ANY of your information at all, for any reason. In fact, only YOU can decide to publish or use your e-mail address, so LOG IN when you visit, it's totally safe. We even anonymize your e-mail address when you post, so NOBODY gets to see it!

There are all kinds of member benefits to help you build your business, most of which will appear on the menu to your left once you register (free):

"Frankel's Free Clinic": Every Monday, from 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific Coast time, Rob donates an hour of his consulting time at a free-for-all chat (the archives are publicly available).
"Photo Gallery" of what you sell or how you sell it. You can put your photos in there, or pictures of the products and services you offer.
Private member-to-member messages (so you can conduct speedy business while preserving your privacy)
"Library & Archives" of Rob's articles throughout the ages.
"FrankelBiz", the free business opportunity list that started it all! The most helpful way to build your business for free.
"White Papers" that you can upload and others can download to learn from your expertise.
"The FrankelBiz Store", where you can instantly download helpful e-books, business tools and other stuff

And that's just the start of it. We have a huge number of people just waiting to do business with you. If you have any questions, check out the "FAQ's" section. In the meantime, if you're up for building your business with the most ethical, helpful people on the web, come on in!